Machine for processing Machines for processing

Our services are based on your specific requests and our mechanical possibilities. What is meant under service is complete production of more or less complex items. It also includes separate phases of processing according to your requests (lathe turning, milling, grinding). We offer a service of heavy and light metal machining (lathe turning, milling, grinding, sheet metal processing and others. ).


We own the following machines:


  1. Portal milling machine working length 8000mm, width 2500mm;
  2. Lathe machine working length 6000 mm;
  3. Lathe machine working length 3500 mm;
  4. Planing machine working length 4000 mm, width 900 mm.


  1. Lathe machines turning length from 700 to 2000 mm;
  2. Milling machines milling length from 600-1100 mm;
  3. .Grinding machines for circular and plan grinding;
  4. Grinding (various) to 8000 mm;


  1. Sheet metal processing:(cutting, bending to 16 mm, bending and cutting length 3200 mm).


Maximal planing length is 4m.


Drilling is done on radial drill TRB 3, and extra large work is done on portal mill.

Sheet metal processing

We cut sheet metal to 16 mm thickness. We provide bending services on
Hydraulic Abkant Press.

Portal milling

By its dimensions and the size of the material it can hold, this is the biggest
machine tool of its kind in Croatia.

Lathe turning

We process items lengths to 3m and to 6m.


We do circular and plan grinding.