Company structure

The founder of all firms and brand "Prvomajska" as they are today is
Mr Đuro Paćin.

Mr Mario Paćin is a head manager and chief executive of all the functions in the firm.

Our vision is the production of machine tools with the brand PRVOMAJSKA. Our employees' broad experience and preserved industry culture, make good grounds for realization of our defined vision. The world trend heading in that direction is confirming that we are on the good path.

The mission we set for ourselves is forcing us to deliver to our buyer a top quality machine tool. It equally relates to the machines from our own production as well as to the machines we are servicing.

Office - inside Exhibition area - inside Management building picture Management building - outside Displayed machines

Our town

Velika Gorica is, with its population, the fifth largest town in Croatia . The vicinity of the airport Pleso and the highway are in our advantage.


We act through more independent business units closely related and cooperating. We, too, are forced due to the given situation to reorganize, so that currently we are decreasing the number of separate unities.


Here is shown only a part of our production facilities. The other part is used as a storage and can be easily reorganized for the production function.

zgrada proizvodnog pogona. Prvomajska slika izvana